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About the Cookware

Is my new cookware non-stick?

Opps! I chipped my pot!

Can I use Milo with a glass stove top?

What's the difference between my $95 Dutch oven from Milo and some of the three to four hundred dollar dutch ovens of the same size?

How much is shipping?

Can I return an order?

How do I track my order?

Where is Milo cookware made?

Why do brown specks form on the base of my Dutch oven?

Is the enamel surface scratch-resistant?

What cooking surfaces does my pot work on?

What does cast iron consist of?

Are you California Prop 65 compliant?

Are your products dishwasher safe?

Why is cast iron so heavy?

Why doesn't Milo have the small nubs on the inside of the lid like some other brands?

Do the handles get hot?

What sorts of products/tools should I use for cooking?

What temperature should I cook at?

Why do you recommend cooking with cast iron?

Do I need to season my cookware?

Warranty Information

Warranty Information

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Instructions & Care

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